IMG_4420 2018-05-30 Fifield House ¾ Front Lawn.jpg
IMG_4860 Fifield Schoolhouse Across the Lawn.jpg
IMG_3437 Fifield Schoolhouse from Driveway Fence.jpg
IMG_4429 2018-05-30 Fifield School House.jpg
IMG_4471 Fifield Kitchen Out.jpg
IMG_4478 Fifield Kitchen In.jpg
IMG_4484 Fifield Dining In.jpg
IMG_4501 Fifield Dining Out.jpg
IMG_4518 FIfield Living Room Left.jpg
IMG_4542 Fifield Living Room Right.jpg
IMG_4559 Fifield MBR.jpg
IMG_4563 Fifield Kitchen Out #2.jpg
IMG_4574 Fifield Kitchen Out.jpg
IMG_4579 Fifield 2nd Floor Staircase Hall.jpg
IMG_4583 Fifield Upstairs Hallway.jpg
IMG_4592 Fifield BR #2.jpg
IMG_4603 Fifield Upstairs Hall to BR #3.jpg
IMG_4613 Fifield BR #3.jpg
IMG_4654 Fifield Barn #1.jpg
IMG_4680 Fifield Barn #2.jpg
IMG_4720 Fifield Schoolhouse Kitchen.jpg
IMG_4736 Fifield Schoolhouse LR #1.jpg
IMG_4758 Fifield Schoolhouse LR #2.jpg
IMG_4810 Fifield Schoolhouse MBR.jpg
IMG_4821 Fifield Schoolhouse MBR to side.jpg
IMG_4825 Fifield Schoolhouse BR #2.jpg
IMG_4857 Fifield Meditation Cabin.jpg
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