Connected eMail for my website isn't working as it should be...

My perfectperspective eMail is stuck somewhere far away. I’m pretty sure I can receive mail you send to me; but, I’m challenged in getting my eMail to you.

While I and my ‘team’ (there really isn’t one) except for my old friend James, with whom I used to work, try to F*I*X this maddening situation, I have to ask you to send your comments and questions to me at; and, I’ll write to you; and, reply to your eMails, using the same: Or, you can certainly call me at 802-730-4343.

I’ll let you know when it’s all been fixed.

Thanks for sticking with me…

Update: 6:38 p.m. All has ended well — earlier this evening all the eMail issues were resolved!
Send eMail to me at: